• Bob Dickerson

White Supremacy at its Finest!

Updated: Aug 11

Rick Santorum speaking to the Young Americans Foundation wins the dubious honor as being Breakfast Club’s “donkey of the day”. He said that America was nothing before the Europeans came over. I guess he failed history and bought into the theory that nothing existed before the white man touched it. In case you need reminding, this place we call America was inhabited by human beings, natives, the people God in his infinite wisdom placed here and they were not white!

As we listen to people like Santorum, a supposedly intelligent man, we get a glimpse of what white racism really is. Whites have proclaimed that they brought civilization but, in fact, western civilization is synonymous with white supremacy. Santorum, a Pennsylvania Republican ex-Senator, and former presidential candidate who often appeared on CNN is educated, receiving degrees from both Penn State and Pitt as well as a law degree from Dickinson Law School. So, he must have taken history, right? Therefore, for him to say that “America was birthed from nothing” deonstrates the kind of ignorance that only racism can curate.

To ignore the indigenous cultures, the existence of the Aztec and Incan empires, the violent pillaging of two continents are things that only true racists could do with straight faces. Racists, like you Rick, obviously believe that land theft, enslavement, and dispossession were the religious rights of Europeans and that natives and African slaves benefitted from being enslaved, murdered, and removed from the land that they owned, loved, and worked.

Maybe Rick ought to study a bit more and introduce himself to history and culture. Study the Mayans, the Teotihuacan, and how ancient, civilized people from this hemisphere-built temples and other structures, studied mathematics and complex theology and worked with copper and gold about the same time that Europeans were living in caves. Rick, do some research and read about the complexity of the indigenous culture. And how dare you refer to the ten commandments as your people killed, stole, and lied.

Rick, did you think that no one would hear you, that your mic was not on? Or did you think you were only talking to a bunch of other racists so it would not matter. On that note, go on over to Fox where that kind of rhetoric is suitable. Where you can lie about history, about the election, and about just about anything else but get this Rick, we know better. You have now joined the Jim Kings, Mo Brooks, David Dukes, Strom Thurmans, and all Klansman of the world. Ignorant racists and bigots, the whole lot of you.

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