• Bob Dickerson

The A G Gaston Conference Seeks to Elevate Black Entrepreneurship

Updated: Aug 31

A.G. Gaston, the embodiment of Birmingham's rich black business history, will once again be celebrated at the annual conference hosted in his honor. The conference organizers have adopted the theme "One Vision One Cause: Elevating African American Entrepreneurship, as the focal point of the conference, understanding that blacks can achieve a more significant measure of economic empowerment through successful enterprise development- business ownership.

To close the racial wealth gap, black people must do better in four areas:

  1. real estate ownership where that real estate appreciates,

  2. providing financial security and transferring wealth through the purchase and ownership of investments and insurance products,

  3. owning successful businesses that create employment for communities and wealth for owners,

  4. and finally, just being smart, money smart.

Although the AG Gaston conference's primary focus is on business ownership, those other empowering activities are never far from our thoughts.

As has been the case throughout the years, the conference features powerhouse speakers with national audiences and prompts conversations about creating, locating, and perhaps incubating the next A G Gaston.

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