Community Economic Development Group (CEDG) works with a variety of community-based organizations, nonprofits, municipalities, and real estate developers providing advice, counseling, and technical assistance in planning,  building relationships, and obtaining funding to move projects forward.

CEDG is available to work in any community but, focuses much of its attention on urban, rural, and low-to-moderate-income areas.

Community Economic Development Group derived from the ideals of Dickerson Management Consultants. CEDG works with community-based organizations to cultivate social enterprise in low-moderate income communities such as:

  • Community Gardens

  • Elderly Care 

  • Fair Housing

  • Daycare facilities

CEDG serves the following community-based organizations:

  • Churches

  • Non-profits

  • Community housing development organizations

Community Gardening
Happy Senior Couple
Kids in Preschool

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