Helping businesses grow capacity and access capital, moving them toward their ultimate goal, attaining and retaining customers.


Connect with Bob Dickerson and receive advice, guidance, and resources in order to help your business grow.



Bob Dickerson is an expert on small business finance, community and economic development. Invite BOBD to help educate, inform, and inspire your audience.



Bob Dickerson partners with many organizations and produces a number of conferences, workshops, and symposiums that support small businesses and community developers.



Bob Dickerson has been a leader in the Birmingham community for over 40 years as an advocate for economic justice. He is passionate about helping people of color, small business owners and members of underserved communities to improve their standing in society.


Bob founded the Birmingham Business Resource Center (BBRC) in 1996 after realizing there was no program in Birmingham that combined loan programs with capacity building and advocacy – three things every business needs to succeed. Today the BBRC is an organization that has become a “one-stop shop” for small business financing and technical assistance.


Bob Dickerson has spent his career finding ways to get money into the hands of people. For years, he did it as a commercial and consumer lending officer while working at several large financial institutions. Today, he does it as the Executive Director of the Birmingham Business Resource Center and Chief Executive Officer of Foundation Capital, a Small Business Administration Certified Development Company. 



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